Welcome to LegalWin

I’m excited to tell you a bit about LegalWin and how we aim to help you!

Let me start with a quick history of why I decided to start the company.  Around a year ago, I moved out of my rental in Mountain View, CA to take a job up in San Francisco. After moving out and leaving the rental in pristine condition, the landlord refused to return any portion of my security deposit. The landlord had no proof of damages nor any lost rental income but wanted to line their pockets (and get a hefty steak dinner) with my hard-earned cash. After having the landlord send me threats via email (should I decide to sue) and scream at me over the phone, I decided going to Small Claims was my best course of action.

Little did I know, but Small Claims can be a very difficult process to go through, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the court system (ie. not a lawyer or judge). The process ended up taking 8 months to go through and finally settle with the landlord (they completely and utterly lost the case). I realized after much work and stress that there needed to be a simpler way for everyone (not just people with a net-worth more than $1M) to enforce their rights in Small Claims court when someone wrongs them.

From that, I decided to use my skills as a developer (previously at LinkedIn then principal dev at ClipMine then lead dev at LendUp) to help solve this issue and make it easier and faster to access our court system (greater access to justice as the lawyers like to say).

We built the first version of LegalWin to help with the first step of a Small Claims cases, which is filing paperwork and serving the lawsuit. The software aims to help anyone start a Small Claims case in under 30 minutes without having to figure out all of the required forms, court locations and requirements for service (being served the lawsuit).

I hope that we will be able to bring new and innovative products to everyone to help them navigate the Small Claims system without having to be a lawyer or hire a lawyer. After all, our court system is a pillar of our democracy and if you don’t have access to it, then you don’t have the ability to enforce your own rights guaranteed to you.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, feel free to reach out to me at spencer.simonsen@legalwin.org


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